Fort Worth Texas: Smart Electricity with Smart Meters

by admin on May 17, 2010

The electricity services in Fort Worth are improving with the advancement in technology. The mechanical meters are now being replaced by the smart meters everywhere. These high-tech meters are digital and have two-way communication capabilities. However, these smart meters are not that easy to use so you have to contact Fort Worth TX electric companies to understand how to use them properly.

How Does the Smart Meter Work?

These smart digital meters store and record the electricity used in your home or business premises and send the data to the distribution and transmission department of your area. The transmission and distribution department then passes on this data to the retail Fort Worth TX electric providers which then send them to you as electricity bills.

Benefits of Smart Meters

There are many benefits of these smart meters. Some of these are listed below:

  1. The smart meters being high-tech, give accurate reading.
  2. They prevent the risk of electric cramming and send bills according to the standard Fort Worth TX electric rates.
  3. The customer can now record their energy consumption at just fifteen minutes interval.
  4. These meters offer automated readings and thus a faster customer care service.
  5. These smart meters facilitate the customers to set a prepaid electricity bill according to the amount they want to spend in a month.
  6. Lessen the time required to process the services, such as switch over, stopping or starting the service; and shifting etc.
  7. The traditional mechanical meters used to show only the total electricity consumption, but the smart meters give all the details about when the energy was consumed.


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