Energy Efficient Mortgages in Killeen Texas

by admin on May 17, 2010

Energy-efficient mortgages can broadly be classified into two categories:

  1. Energy efficient mortgage for an existing home
  2. Energy efficient mortgage for a new home

One can also buy a home which is already energy efficient or can buy a standard energy home and make some energy saving improvements in it to make it an energy efficient home. Almost every energy-efficient mortgage programs offers both types of mortgages and the loan to make energy efficient improvements in your home.

How Is The Energy-Efficient Mortgage Beneficial?

Energy efficient mortgage is very beneficial for you whether you are selling, buying, refinancing or remodeling a house. If you are planning to buy an energy efficient home, you can go for a luxurious one as with the lower energy cost you may get a larger mortgage payment. Even if you are buying a standard home or just remodeling your existing standard home you can apply for a mortgage for making energy efficient home improvements. Moreover if you want to sell your energy efficient house, you will get a good price as the buyer may save a lot on Killeen, TX electric rates in future.

Energy-Efficient Mortgage Plans

Your local Killeen, TX provider can give you the detailed information about the energy efficient mortgage. You may apply the mortgage via a private loan program or via the government-insured mortgage program. Killeen, TX electric company may also have such mortgage programs for their consumers, so you can contact your state energy headquarters to know the details.


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